The realization of a housing project is a complex and time-consuming process. If you leave it to us, you will save time and be able to concentrate on your core activities.



From a budget perspective, relocation projects are often a ‘Pandora’s box’. You will gain insight in the total costs of your housing project from a very early stage and in a very transparent manner.



A housing project usually involves facing twice as many costs for a certain period of time. Not in our case. You only pay rent and expenses after the project has been delivered.



We offer you the possibility to keep your cash flow in check by including the refurbishment costs in the rent and by spreading them over the term of the tenancy agreement.



At the end of a tenancy agreement you may face substantial refurbishment costs and unavailability costs. We can offer you the option to “redeem” the refurbishment costs and to include them in the rent, ensuring that you will have no more unexpected costs at the end of the tenancy agreement.


Successful companies have one thing in common: they concentrate on their core activities and leave everything else to specialists.

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