Eye for detail


Construction site monitoring is no easy matter, especially when combined with the day-to-day activities in your company. Add to this having to coordinate all parties at the same time without losing sight of deadlines and budgets… Just leave it to us! 


Single point of contact

Our technical department is responsible for the full coordination of the work, from start to finish. As a customer, you will have one point of contact, us! We take care of the planning, communication and monitoring of the various contractors, enabling you to invest your precious time in your company and your people.



Cooperating with Intervest Offices & Warehouses also has another benefit. It helps you save money! Given our scale, Intervest is a major buyer of products from various suppliers. This makes our prices even more interesting, from which you, as a customer, will also benefit. A real win-win situation!


Deadline with guarantee

We are so confident of our service and expertise that we even commit ourselves in terms of timing and budget. Once an agreement has been reached on the project to be carried out, we make sure that it is delivered on the agreed day. Any additional costs due to contingencies will be at our expense. 

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