Responding efficiently to a changing rental market and reorientation of types of buildings while further rollout of the Greenhouse concept

In the highly competitive environment of the office market, Intervest distinguishes itself by focusing on the constantly evolving needs of customers. Businesses are no longer just looking for space. What they want is an all-in-one solution where service provision and additional functionalities make all the difference: shared meeting rooms, facilities to hold events, restaurant, fitness, a general environment for experience and the like. Offering these facilities links up logically with the changing way of working and technology and the accompanying increasing need for flexibility and mobility to work anywhere and anytime. Partly due to the recent coronavirus pandemic, the office landscape has evolved into a mixed-use work environment. Teleworking has become established and offices are also becoming meeting places. It looks like the new normal is a mixed-use office - one that combines social distance measures with flexible working hours and perhaps even working remotely. 

Intervest the turnkey-solutions team developed the “NEw REality Office Space” (NEREOS) concept in response to this. This future-oriented office concept is a response to the “new way of working”. Fully developed in-house, it allows customers to adapt their office space safely to the mixed work environment. The concept is based on five pillars: separation of public and closed spaces, stimulating one-way traffic,1,5 m distance, fewer contact surfaces and micro-architecture. In practical terms, this is a flexible design concept that prevents virus contamination in the office environment as much as possible and takes account of developments in the “new way of working”.


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Intervest also actively responds to the evolution in the labour market with Greenhouse, an inspiring office concept for mobile and flexible working, located in Antwerp, Brussels and Mechelen. Each Greenhouse location has its own character and offers the Greenhouse community a hospitable, businesslike and inspiring environment, with catering and community events. Even in a professional context, the need for social contact and human interaction remains. With customised offices, serviced offices and coworking spaces, solutions for meetings and the organisation of events, and a wide range of services, in Greenhouse Intervest further fleshes out its aim to 'unburden' the client.

In its reorientation of the office portfolio, Intervest is gradually divesting the offices that do not sufficiently meet future expectations. The focus remains on high-quality buildings, at attractive locations with good accessibility, in cities with economic growth and an important student population. Reinvestments are made in buildings with a special character in terms of multifunctionality, architecture, sustainability and quality, where working is an experience and the Greenhouse concept can be implemented.


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Logistics real estate portfolio: growth in logistics corridors in Belgium and the Netherlands

Geographically, Belgium and its neighbouring countries are optimally located as a logistical hub in Europe because of the major European main ports in the Rhine Delta and the proximity of a service area with strong purchasing power within a radius of 500 km. This has also led to the strong development of the logistics real estate market. The demand for logistics real estate will increase further in the future because of the growth of e-commerce.

In the logistics segment, Intervest's portfolio is evolving in line with the changing needs that have become all the more explicit to all parties involved, partly due to the corona crisis. Changing consumption patterns, the general importance of the distribution sector, e-commerce, local anchoring, etc. are creating a greater need for storage space and require flexibility in order to respond sustainably to a changing supply chain environment.

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Intervest aims to establish building clusters, i.e. various locations in close proximity to one another, to be able to offer customers efficient and optimal service provision. Not only does such clustering apply for the existing locations, but it will also play a role in the geographic growth of the portfolio as a logical complement to the current core areas.

The growth of Intervest in the logistics segment will be realised via the acquisition of high-quality real estate, developments of land positions, preferably at multimodal accessible locations, and by developments within its own portfolio. In order to realise these developments, Intervest builds up land reserves in the vicinity of its already existing clusters in Belgium and the Netherlands, bearing in mind the proximity of the urban environment, given the evolutions in terms of last-mile urban distribution and the care for the climate.

In terms of new acquisitions or developments, Intervest has made the three most important logistics axes in Belgium its main focus: Antwerp - Brussels - Nivelles, Antwerp - Limburg - Liège and Antwerp - Ghent - Lille.
In the Netherlands, the focus for acquisitions is on the axes Moerdijk - ’s Hertogenbosch – Nijmegen (A59), Bergen-op-Zoom - Eindhoven - Venlo (A58/A67) and Rotterdam - Gorinchem - Nijmegen (A15).

The company already has a distinct, strong presence on these axes, making it an important discussion partner for its customers in these market segments. By further developing the positions on these axes, it is possible to anticipate the changing needs of current and new customers as regards surface area or location.

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