Investing in modern clustered logistics sites at locations offering multimodal access.
A broad geographical orientation and implementation by cluster to maximize synergies for Intervest and clients alike.

A conveyor belt at the Liège logistics site with CooperVision as tenant

Logistics real estate portfolio: growth in logistics corridors in a radius of 150 km around Antwerp, also in the direction of the Netherlands and Germany.

Geographically, Belgium and its neighbouring countries are optimally located as a logistical hub in Europe, because of the major European main ports in the Rhine Delta and the proximity of a service area with strong purchasing power within a radius of 500 km. This has also led to serious development of the logistics real estate market. Demand for logistics real estate will continue to increase as a result of overall growth in the European economy and e-commerce growth.

In Belgium, Intervest will continue to make its priority focus new acquisitions or developments on the two most important logistics axes in Belgium: Antwerp-Brussels-Nivelles and Antwerp-Limburg-Liège. Intervest already has a distinct, strong presence on these axes, making it an important discussion partner for its customers in these market segments. By further developing the positions on these axes, it is possible to anticipate the changing needs of current and new customers as regards surface area or location. Other locations in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany connecting to these axes are also being considered. With the acquisition in Tilburg and Raamsdonkveer, the first steps have been taken in the Netherlands.

Intervest aims to establish building clusters, i.e. various locations in close proximity to one another, in order to be able to offer customers efficient and optimal service provision. Not only does such clustering apply to existing locations, it will also play a role in the geographic growth of the portfolio as a logical complement to the current core areas.

The growth of Intervest in this area will be achieved by acquiring high-quality real estate, developments of land positions on multimodal accessible locations and by developing its own portfolio.