Further strengthening market position and growth at logistic top locations in Belgium and the Netherlands

Logistics real estate portfolio: growth in logistics corridors in Belgium and The Netherlands.

Geographically, Belgium and its neighbouring countries are optimally located as logistical hubs in Europe because of the major European main ports in the Rhine Delta and the proximity of a service area with strong purchasing power within a radius of 500 km. This has led to a serious development of the logistics real estate market and demand for logistics real estate will continue to increase strongly as a result of the overall growth of the European economy and the e-commerce growth particularly.

In the logistics segment Intervest's portfolio is evolving in line with the changing needs of all parties involved, partly due to the corona crisis. Changing consumption patterns, the general interest of the distribution sector, e-commerce, local anchoring, etc. create a greater need for storage space and require flexibility to respond sustainably to a changing supply chain environment.


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Intervest strives for building clusters, being different locations in each other's proximity, in order to be able to offer customers an efficient and optimal service. This clustering not only applies to the existing locations, but will also play a role in a geographical growth of the portfolio as a logical addition to the existing core areas.

Intervest's growth in this segment will be achieved through the acquisition of high quality real estate, developments on land at locations that are preferably multimodal accessible and through developments within the company's own portfolio. In order to realise these developments, Intervest is building up land reserves in the vicinity of its already existing clusters in Belgium and the Netherlands, also in view of the proximity of the urban environment, given the developments in the field of lastmile city distribution and care for the climate.

For new acquisitions or developments, Intervest will continue to focus on Belgium's main logistics axes as a matter of priority: Antwerp - Brussels - Nivelles, Antwerp - Limburg - Liège and Antwerp - Ghent - Lille. In the Netherlands, the portfolio focuses on the axes Moerdijk - 's Hertogenbosch - Nijmegen, Bergen-op-Zoom - Eindhoven - Venlo (A58/A67) and Rotterdam - Gorinchem - Nijmegen (A15).

Intervest already has a distinct, strong presence on these axes, which makes it an important discussion partner for its customers in these market segments. By further developing its market position on these axes, Intervest can anticipate the changing needs of current and new customers with regard to surface area or location.

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