A new way of living where we will have to continually adapt to a reality in which the norm is 1,5 metres distance, bubbles and extreme hand hygiene, also requires a new way of working or at least an adapted working environment. And what is Intervest’s answer to this new reality? It is Nereos: New Reality Office Space.

Beyond real estate: more than just a slogan

Our slogan, beyond real estate, actually says it all. We are constantly responding to changing circumstances, continually evolving together with our clients and their environment and going beyond merely leasing square metres. We have one goal: to provide an extensive service and flexible solutions so that clients can focus on their core activities.

Nereos: New Reality Office Space

The Nereos concept fits seamlessly into our turn-key solutions and it’s also proof that we as Intervest always continue to think about the ideal working environment, which constantly meets the needs of the client, the business or, in this case, a changing society.

Our interior designers have developed a new workplace that fully meets the norms and which embraces all possible ways of preventing infection in the office as effectively as possible.



Nereos - concept
#1 We separate public and private

In an office in which the Nereos concept is applied, there is an absolute separation between public and private spaces. This can literally take the form of working on different floors, but can also be realised on one and the same floor.

By using this separation, there is as little contact between people as possible. In this example, the public part contains the reception and meeting rooms - the places where guests can be received. The private part contains the open spaces, the flexible work spaces, the lunch room, etc.


one-way traffic
#2 We apply strict one-way traffic

In both the public and private spaces, we apply strict one-way traffic. This behaviour is stimulated by clear direction indicators on the floor and on the walls. We have in the meantime all become familiar with these classic indicators in the form of stickers. After all, we see them everywhere on the streets. Within the Nereos concept, you can find these same indicators integrated into the design in an aesthetically appealing manner, stimulating people to walk in the right direction. Furthermore, awareness-raising LED texts are also installed on the walls. With illuminating messages such as “walk this way”, we attract attention in a visually pleasing manner.


Nereos: social distance
#3 We encourage distancing

In order to avoid contamination, it is best to keep a minimum distance of 1.5 metres. In a Nereos office, we visually display that distance by means of round carpets under each seat. Your chair is in the middle of the carpet and the one and a half metre distance is clear, for you and the people around you. If we set up an office with an area of twenty square metres per person, the one and a half metre distance is guaranteed.

Nereos: contact surfaces
#4 We reduce the number of contact surfaces

Furthermore, it is important to ensure that visitors touch as few surfaces as possible: these are the places where a virus has free rein. To this end, adapted door handles have been developed which can easily be opened and closed with your elbow. Automatic waste bins that work with a sensor also offer a solution. An additional way to guarantee distance between people entering and leaving the room is the installation of double doors instead of single doors. If touching a particular surface is unavoidable, a number of disinfecting points are spread around the office.


Nereos microarchitecture
#5 We make smart use of microarchitecture

As far as furniture is concerned, microarchitecture is used. In the Nereos concept, we consciously opt for “furniture that is almost architecture in itself”. Have you ever come to work in one of the Greenhouse hubs? If so, you have probably already seen it with your own eyes because the demarcated flex workstations are a perfect example of this. The layout of the co-working spaces is extended in an office layout. The flex workstations are separated by acoustic felt panels. These have the same function as Plexiglas, but are much more visually appealing and they absorb sound.


Everyone’s budget can be accommodated

On these projects, Intervest works together with Vitra, a high-end brand for designer furniture. That means high quality and aesthetically interesting furniture to integrate into the new way of working. Nereos and Vitra offer three formulas to convert existing offices into an environment that takes account of the containment of the coronavirus: budget, standard and high-end. In this way we bring our expertise to everyone who needs it, regardless of the size and budget of the business.


Formula 1: budget
  • Standard quality materials

  • Small reception area with standard lighting

  • Laminate with one pattern
  • High-quality one-coloured carpet
  • Standard paint door with standard height
  • Full and glazed walls with standard acoustic value
Formula 2: standard
  • All finished with standard quality materials according to the customer's needs

  • Decorative accent lighting in reception area

  • Customisation for coffee corner and kitchen island
  • Laminate with one pattern
  • Quality carpet with different colours and patterns
  • Doors in block frame with standard height
  • Full and glazed walls with standard acoustic value
  • One acoustic phone booth
  • Lockers with manual lock


High end
Formula 3: high-end
  • Completely according to the needs of the customer

  • Decorative accent lighting at reception and informal areas for a warm atmosphere

  • 3D letter illumination with slogans
  • Customisation with high-end materials and indirect lighting
  • High quality design carpet
  • Meeting rooms with stickered glass walls with very high acoustic value
  • Planting and moss wall for a warm and convivial atmosphere
  • Electrically adjustable desks
  • Two acoustic phone booths
  • Lockers with digital lock


Visit the Nereos pop-up office in Mechelen Business Tower

You can admire the Nereos pop-up office in Mechelen Business Tower, Blarenberglaan 2C, Industrieterrein Mechelen Noord. Feel free to make an appointment to discover this concept. 

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