As a company, what can you do against climate change?


Global warming: a problem that can be paralyzing due to its immensity. Because yes, we want to do something, but does it make sense if others don’t take their responsibilities?  Of course  it makes sense! Every little bit helps, and only global behavioral changes and shared responsibility will lead to results. That's why we are happy to give you some tips to reduce your CO2 emissions!

Do you already have a CO2 reduction plan?

This plan contains all the company’s objectives in order to reduce CO2 emissions, as well as action points to achieve them. The plan should be as concrete as possible:  who is responsible for what? When will we take certain measures?  In this article, you can find various ideas that can help you make your business more sustainable.

 #1 Digitize your business

Paper, be gone! The use of paper is a bad idea, for the environment as well as for your finances. Did you know that 500 printed sheets correspond to 7.25 kg CO2,  the energy use of a computer that is turned on for  27 days or an 42km drive? Plenty of reason to reduce your paper consumption, am I right?! What you can do:

  • Recovery single-sided printed sheets as scrap paper
  • Use recycled paper (from sustainably managed forests)
  • Send your invoices and pay slips electronically
  • Use the recto/verso print setting as a standard
  • Be creative! There are plenty of other possibilities.



  • Take the bike to work
  • Share food

# 2 Save energy

It’s not hard to manage your energy consumption, it just requires your attention. Reducing your energy consumption will automatically reduce costs. For certain measures you will even receive financial help from the Flemish government. These are some small thing you can do to save energy:

  • Use timers for the lights in toilets and hallways
  • Use LED lamps instead of normal ones
  • Install a modern central heating system
  • Use green power

#3 Waste reduction

Research shows that 80% of office waste consists of paper and cardboard. We already talked about paper reduction in #1. But there are other things you can do to reduce waste:

  • Replace cardboard coffee cups by mugs
  • Provide a separate organic waste bin.
  • Have you ever considered getting a company chicken? Another perfect way to get rid of your organic food waste!
  • Put a sticker on your mailbox that says you don’t want to receive any printed publicity.
  • Never just throw away food without thinking.  Ask your colleagues if they would like your leftovers.



  • Avocado toast
  • Vegan Burger

#4 A sustainable transport policy

Do your employees mainly travel by car? If this is true, you will need a strong transport policy to reduce the emission of CO2. Don’t worry, even small measures can make a difference! Eg. a monthly check of tire pressure will allow you to save up to 2 - 5% on fuel consumption! In addition, you can invest in biodiesel or provide alternatives such as:

  • a car sharing subscription
  • a net compensation instead of a company car
  • an e-bike instead of a company car.
  • a cycle allowance

#5 Reduce meat consumption

Veggie thursday? Yes please! According to, if everyone in the Flemish region would participate for a year, it would have the same effect as removing 500.000 cars from our roads! And it’s a lot easier to maintain this measure if you include friends, family and coworkers. Moreover, there are many delicious alternatives that would make any meat aficionado say ‘no thanks’ to steak…

As you can see, there are many measures you can take to reduce your own - or your company’s - CO2 emission. Go for it! Every little bit helps. At Intervest Offices & Warehouses, we are happy to provide  more tips and tricks to lower your emission. Contact us for more information.