Inauguration 'Jean-Pierre Blumberg Chair'

Nice to know
Jean-Pierre Blumberg

The 'Jean-Pierre Blumberg Chair' was inaugurated at the City Campus of the University of Antwerp on Monday 25 October.

Jean-Pierre Blumberg, who passed away on 4 October 2020, was a brilliant lawyer, gifted teacher and engaging person who excelled in everything he did. The Chair has been founded in lasting memory of Jean-Pierre Blumberg and therefore reflects his vision: look at the world in a way to understand law, economics, business and corporate governance.

The Jean-Pierre Blumberg Chair focusses on research, education and services to society always keeping in mind the importance good governance of listed and private companies. The Chair was founded with the support of numerous partners including Intervest Offices & Warehouses. 

Jean-Pierre Blumberg has been an independent director at Intervest from 2001 and took up the position of Chairman of the board of directors (i.e. supervisory board) in 2016 until he died in 2020.