Intervest Offices & Warehouses again laureate Voka Sustainability Charter

Nice to know

For the second year in a row, Intervest can call itself a laureate of the Voka Charter Sustainable Enterprise. Given the current situation, it is still a while before Voka Antwerp-Waasland actually presents the Charter, but in the meantime Intervest is proud to be awarded the title this year as well. The evaluation committee informed Intervest that it is clear that sustainability is intertwined in the organisation, which is very nice comment.

This is a recognition of the efforts that Intervest made in 2019 to contribute to the realisation of the 17 sustainability objectives of the United Nations. These same UN sustainability objectives also form the basis of Intervest's sustainability strategy, which was recently clarified in the first Sustainability Report.

In 2019, particular attention was paid to action points concerning rational energy consumption, sustainable energy production, good governance, communication, welfare, lifelong learning, a qualitative working environment with attention to a healthy work-life balance and gender equality.

In this context, Intervest has tested its policy against the 7 UN's Women Empowerment Principles and in 2020 ceo Gunther Gielen officially signed these principles in support of women's rights worldwide: "Empowerment starts with respect, regardless of gender".

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