Intervest wellnesst 2021

Nice to know

Intervest puts sustainability first, both in the maintenance of our properties as in our business operations. The well-being of our employees is therefore very important.

With 'Intervest Wellnesst', a wellness programme consisting of various themes, we give tips and advice the whole year through to stay energetic, both in private and work life.


The programme is as follows:

  • The first quarter is dedicated to sleep with attention to mindfulness, daylight and yoga.
  • During the second quarter, we focus on movement with walking, cycling, exercise at work and daily strength exercises. 
  • The third quarter will promote healthy eating: healthy lunches at work, the importance of hydration and superfoods. 
  • The fourth quarter is all about the mental wellbeing and highlights vitality, resilience, stress control and positivity. 

Just like last year, Intervest links its wellbeing policy to fundraising campaigns for non-profit organisations which our employees nominate and choose themselves. 

During this quarter's fundraising campaign Intervest donates € 0.5 per kilometre cycled, € 1 per kilometre run and € 2 per kilometre walked.

Intervest Wellnesst, the fundraising campaigns and the support for non-profit organisations contribute during the first quarter to the realisation of the Sustainable Development Goal 3 of the United Nations: Ensure good health and promote well-being for all ages