Report of the ordinary general meeting of 25 April 2018

Press releases

The ordinary general meeting of Intervest Offices & Warehouses (hereafter ‘Intervest’) held as at 25 April 2018 has approved all items on the agenda.

Approval of the annual accounts

The ordinary general meeting of shareholders of 25 April 2018 has approved the statutory annual accounts of Intervest closed as at 31 December 2017, as well as the result allocation. 

Dividend distribution for financial year 2017

For financial year 2017, the ordinary general meeting has decided to distribute a gross dividend of € 1,40 per share. After deduction of 30% withholding tax, the net dividend for financial year 2017 amounts thus to € 0,98 per share. 

The terms for the optional dividend for financial year 2017 will be published as at Thursday 3 May 2018. With an optional dividend the shareholders are given the opportunity to contribute their dividend receivable, which arises from the profit distribution, in the company’s capital in return for the issue of new shares, in addition to the option to receive the dividend in cash, or they can choose for a combination of both options.

Other resolutions

•    Reappointment of Johan Buijs as non-independent director of the company.

•    Approval and ratification of the provisions of change of control of bank financing.