Ticketmatic doubles office space in Ubicenter to support expansion

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As a real estate partner, Intervest helps companies in their search for that one ideal office. Even when, after a while, an office space no longer suffices, for example through growth, we like to think with the company to help find a solution. That is what our Beyond Real Estate mission statement is all about.

Do we actually live up to our mission statement? Absolutely! Ticketmatic's growth story is proof of that. We spoke to the CEO, Erik Lesire.

An introduction

Ticketmatic is a specialist in the development of ticketing software and marketing support for the culture sector.

“We ensure that our clients can sell their tickets autonomously, without having to rely on an external agency. By managing and controlling this process themselves, we believe that they can offer added value to their public” testifies Lesire.

How it all began…

Founders Erik Lesire (CEO) & Bart De Man (CTO) started their business 15 years ago, in a small office in Haasrode. They systematically scaled up their office space until, in 2017, they opted for a fully-fledged office from Intervest in the Ubicenter in Leuven.

“The excellent location was the deciding factor in choosing an office in the Ubicenter,” says Lesire. “The easy accessibility of the office, for our own employees and for our clients, is a huge plus. But there are other advantages too: our office is very spacious and light, we have small and large meeting rooms, which mean that we can regularly invite clients to our offices for training sessions, and there is a Sportoase nearby. We note that our employees enjoy coming to the office. And that is invaluable to us! We also highlight our office on the jobs page of our website to attract new employees.”

Ticketmatic in 2022

Today, the team consists of 25 employees and, with 300 clients, they are market leader in the Benelux. Small and large cultural centres such as De Roma in Antwerp and the AB in Brussels belong to their customer portfolio. And their ambitions know no bounds: an office in the Netherlands is already a fact and a start has been made towards further international expansion. Also read: Team Ticketmatic will continue to expand in the coming years.

“Moreover, in the future, it is also our intention to welcome more and more clients to our office” Lesire reveals.

Changing office requirements

With this growth in mind, their existing office space would most likely no longer be sufficient in the long run. “As if by coincidence, the office next to ours became vacant and that’s how the ball got rolling,” says Erik.

“Together with Intervest, we discussed the possibility of doubling our office space. And the result: a few months ago, we succeeded in doubling it while retaining the location to which we are very attached. I would also like to give Arne Barrezeele credit for the excellent cooperation. He thought along with us so we could eventually make the right decision.”

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