What’s the use of a quiet room at work?

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Check out just how quiet your office really is, by taking this quick and easy test! Set a timer for 1 minute. Now close your eyes and just listen for 60 seconds. Is it loud? Noisy? We took the test ourselves and were shocked to find out just how loud our office really is. The constant ringing of the office phones, the chatter between colleagues, and the blissful sound of the coffee maker. A quiet room: some will need it, others won’t. So is it really worth the investment?

To choose is to lose?

Introverts and extroverts usually respond completely differently to situations. Research shows that introverts are more bothered by background noise (Source: prevention.com). When the noise exceeds a certain level, productivity lowers considerably. The opposite is true for extroverts. As long as there will be introverted and extroverted people in het world, companies will have to invest in open office spaces as well as quiet rooms.

There’s quiet, and then there’s too quiet

Microsoft has built the quietest room in the world, so deep underground that you can even detect the sound of your own heartbeat. Working in complete silence: most people will run away screaming after only an hour. It’s clear that a certain amount of background noise is necessary so your employees won’t lose their minds! Here are some tips for setting up your quiet room:

  • Isolation
    Obviously. But besides the walls, don’t forget to isolate windows and doors.
  • Acoustics
    Certain wall stickers can add to the acoustics. The effect is very pleasant and immediate.
  • Ergonomic furniture
    Many employees like to spend a couple of hours in a quiet room. With the right amount of focus, they might even forget their lunch break! This means, of course, that ergonomic furniture is key.
  • Calming colours
    In addition to silence, certain colours can also bring peace to our brains. Think of white, light blue and low contrast colours to provide a calming effect.



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The New Way of Working (NWOW)

A quiet room fits in perfectly with “The New Way of Working”, or NWOW. According to NWOW, employees should be able to work when, where and how the prefer. This means that employees can work both at the office and remotely. Many flex workers alternate between coworking spaces, shared offices, their own office or home. To meat NWOW criteria, the office should have a variety of offices spaces.

The organization of flexible work spaces

So how should your flexible office spaces be organized? That’s up to you, of course. But we believe the following elements could definitely be helpful:

  • A space to hang out, to ‘chill’
  • A space for relaxing activities (eg. a spacer where you can play pool)
  • Meeting rooms
  • A dining room with a large table where your employees can meet each other in an informal way
  • A quiet room

Important: Introducing NWOW into your business means that managers should trust employees more than ever. There are, of course, many pitfalls to keep in mind. Need help designing your office space?

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