Investing in inspiring multi-tenant offices in easily accessible locations in the greater metropolitan areas of Flanders. Buildings where working and experience go hand in hand with a service-oriented and flexible approach.

People enjoying the open air in the Mechelen Campus courtyard

Office portfolio: efficiently tapping into a changing rental market and reorientation of types of buildings.

Consequently, developments for what are referred to as the “new way of working” reduce the total surface area for the same number of employees. The office environment is subject to social change in the same way that other sectors are. At the basis of this changing environment are pervasive digitisation and technological developments.

Intervest distinguishes itself from other office providers by maintaining a focus on the client’s constantly evolving needs. A company’s location is increasingly less a matter of square metres. They are no longer just looking for space, but what they want is an all-in-one solution where the emphasis is on the kind of service that takes account of changing ways of working and technological developments. By providing turnkey solutions, Intervest gives its customers the option of furnishing their space while taking into account the evolving ways of working, technological developments and the dynamics of their approach to the market. An in-house innovation team is responsible for providing total tailored solutions with regard to office environments, ranging from planning, organisation and the coordination of work to budget monitoring. Besides providing a pleasant and accessible working environment, delivering the necessary support service provision in both the business and private sectors is also key to “unburdening” the customer. The employee’s well-being is paramount in this respect.

Intervest responds actively to new trends on the labour market with Greenhouse, a inspiring office concept for mobile and flexible work, located in Antwerp, Brussels and Mechelen. Each Greenhouse location has its own character. The Greenhouse community offers a welcoming, professional and inspiring environment, with catering, with attention for community events and other events. With tailor-made offices, serviced offices and co-working spaces, solutions for organizing meetings and events and everywhere a large scale of services, Intervest aims with Greenhouse to ‘unburden’ the clients.

Intervest targets strategic locations, both in the inner city and on the campuses on the outskirts of cities mainly on the Antwerp-Mechelen-Brussels axis. New investments in the office market will target buildings or neighbourhoods that have a distinctive character, where working is an experience.

The current office portfolio is therefore undergoing a reshuffle, whereby Intervest is gradually divesting offices that do not adequately meet the expectations of the future. The robust development of Intervest’s market position in Mechelen will be maintained in view of the fact that Mechelen is increasingly considered as an alternative to Brussels as a result of mounting mobility issues. Extensions of the office portfolio are primarily aimed at the idea of partnerships with customers. Intervest is pleased to offer space for the growth of current and new customers.