Thanks to a successful turnkey solution, we can offer our employees a new way of working where experience & team work are the essence.

Eric Moreels, Lead Facilities and HSE

Intercity Business Park
Generaal de Wittelaan 11B
2800 Mechelen

Project description

Biocartis, located in the Intercity Business Park Mechelen, expands its existing office of 717m² with an adjacent office of 783m². Thanks to a turnkey solution, the new office was fitted out according to the "New Way of Working", which Biocartis believes in and invests in. This is already the fourth time that Intervest has been asked to realise a turnkey project for Biocartis.

(More) experience in the office

For Biocartis employees, coming to the office is not (or no longer) An everyday occurence: working from home is encouraged for tasks that require focus. Working in the office is for meeting colleagues, working together in teams and attending meetings or brainstorms. The new Biocartis office therefore had to support and facilitate this way of working. Once again, a turnkey solution was the answerfor them.

Customised design

Based on the wishes and needs of the client, our interior design manager created an office where experience is central. Thus, the space was divided into small project rooms, with handy writable walls, where teams can work together intensively. In addition, flexible workstations, phone booths and an informal area for pleasant conversations with colleagues were provided.

Not only the design exudes a new way of working. The furnishings also contribute to an attractive space where you do much more than just work: here you meet colleagues, ideas grow and creativity flows. Large windows let in lots of daylight, the carpet gives the office a fresh look and the blue tones in the interior reflect Biocartis' individuality.

And not unimportantly: the works were completed within the predefined timeframes.

The result

Biocartis & Intervest are looking back on a fruitful cooperation and a very satisfactory result. We are very proud to give you a look inside.

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