• Biocartis, inrichting demoruimte

    Biocartis, phase 3

    Intervest handled the creation of our new product demonstration space where we present our high-precision diagnostics products. The space is functional and modern, so exactly in line with our products’ image.
    Renate Degrave - Corporate Communications & Investor Relations Manager - Biocartis
    Biocartis, phase 3
  • Cochlear Entrance hall


    The constructive relationship with Intervest made us decide to expand and to extend the agreement within the framework of our growth. Intervest's professional approach to the expansion has provided significant added value.
    Carl Van Himbeeck - General Manager - Cochlear Technology Center Belgium
  • Toyota Material Handling Europe Logistics 0

    Toyota Material Handling Europe

    To us, Intervest is the real estate partner at our side who respects our uniqueness and takes our future plans into account.
    Luc Hermans - Director Parts Logistics - TMHE
    Toyota Material Handling Europe
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Turnkey solutions: unique solutions tailored to the customer

In both its market segments, Intervest is positioning itself beyond real estate and is acting as a real estate partner which does more than simply let square metres of office or logistics space.
Intervest can “unburden” its customers and offer them added value by listening to what they want, by thinking along with them and by thinking ahead, thereby making it possible for them to focus on their business. This is our preferred method for offering customers added value!

The overview of projects that have already been carried out is representative of how this takes place in practice. In the logistics segment, this has led to thinking along with the customer regarding current and future needs for space. That means a custom build according to your specifications. Should there be a need for haste, then we will be pleased to offer you space available in our portfolio that is adapted to your needs. For offices, this results in the realisation of innovative, inspiring and service-oriented concepts, where work is a pleasant experience.

How do we work?

  1. Based on your wishes, our interior architect designs the perfect workplace. The first design is free of charge.
  2. Any adjustments or modifications to the design can be implemented based on a rate established in advance.
  3. After the plan has been approved, detailed specifications and measurement date are drawn up and quotations are requested. We work transparently; all quotations are processed individually in our price study.
  4. We charge a 10% compensation fee on the total works for coordination and implementation of the activities. We ensure delivery by the relevant contractors for works commissioned by and to be paid by the tenant, who will be invoiced directly by the contractors concerned.
  5. Payment for works is either staggered according to implementation stage, or is made upon project completion, or may be calculated as additional rent.