Key Figures

The most important characteristics of the Intervest financial structure are:

Amount of financial debts (millions €)418344376299282
Non-drawn-down committed credit lines (millions €)8418611310138
Debt ratio (%)44%39%44%45%46%
Average interest rate of the financing (%)2,0%2,1%2,4%2,6%3,1%
Average remaining duration of long-term financing (year)4,24,04,44,62,9
Credit lines (non-drawn-down credit lines) (%)83%71%76%80%79%
Bond loans (%)8%10%16%20%21%
Commercial Paper (%)9%19%8%0%0%
Interestcover ratio5,96,64,94,74,2
Hedge ratio (incl. financing with fixed interest rate) (%)77%97%84%76%91%
Duration hedging instruments (year)4,64,44,23,62,5
Duration of hedges (incl. financing with fixed interest rate) (year)4,34,23,73,42,8