Sustainability and corporate social responsibility

Within the current social context, Intervest seeks a cohesive and sustainable social policy, in line with the expectations of all interested parties: customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Intervest has implemented various measures in this regard relating to protection of the environment, concern for the welfare of customers and staff, and this including a focus on social commitment  and sound governance.

Care for the environment

Care for the environment is reflected in the follow-up of the sustainability performance of the buildings in the portfolio (based on BREE-AM-In-Use methodology) and through the use of sustainable products and materials for redevelopments or new builds and in the turnkey-solutions projects.

In order to simultaneously improve the energy efficiency of the existing buildings and user comfort, Intervest had also carried out several different relighting projects. In addition, modern technology is used whenever possible for the replacement of technical installations in order to reduce consumption and improve efficiency. For example, heat exchangers are always introduced where HVAC systems are replaced in the offices and energy management systems are fitted in the logistics buildings to improve the efficiency of the current systems.

Proactively procurement policy in terms of energy (electricity and gas) the company succeeds in obtaining attractive prices for its customers. In addition, purchased electricity is 100% green current .

Several rooftops of the logistics buildings of Intervest have been equipped with solar electricity generating systems. In most cases the company has granted specialised parties long-term right of superficies for the roofs, without the company owning the PV installation; there are a few exceptions to this, not worth mentioning, such as in Liège.

Intervest is also implementing its sustainability efforts through its far-reaching approach to waste removal. For example, it is possible to separate other waste and PMD (plastic bottles, metal packaging and drink cartons) as well as residual waste and paper and cardboard waste. Options have also been provided for the recycling of less common types of waste such as batteries, ink cartridges, confidential documents, wood, glass and fluorescent tube lighting.

Focus on dialogue

Consultation with all stakeholders at regular intervals is planned. In this way, Intervest aims for a good relationship with its stakeholders based on trust and continual optimisation.
Each quarter a comprehensive press release on the operational and financial status of the company is issued. The board of directors meets at least four times a year. Moreover, consultative sessions with employees are held on a frequent basis.
Several times a year Intervest also assesses the satisfaction of customers, both directly via its staff and via an online survey.
Concern for social welfare also takes tangible form through the facilities available to customers and staff alike in and around buildings and in the building itself.

Customer focus

Intervest organised evacuation drills in all the ‘multi-tenant’ office buildings and in the logistics buildings to see how quickly and efficiently the building could be evacuated should the need arise.
The 24/7 service for the day-to-day management of the buildings is a top priority. Intervest has a modular offer including cleaning services, surveillance, energy, reception services, small songs, technical interventions, etc.At specific locations such as Mechelen Campus, as an interactive community, a broad range of facilities is available to make the daily life of the office users so pleasant and comfortable. For example, there is a sandwich bar/restaurant, ironing service, a maintenance service, crèche, fitness centre, conference space with meeting rooms, etc.

Employee focus

For each team and individual, Intervest provides training opportunities based on the needs of the individual or the team and its activities. The company is also working on a specific path tailored to so-called older employees adapted to the needs of the employee in question.
In addition to the regular performance interviews, each employee also has an annual assessment, which provides the perfect opportunity to align mutual expectations.
Intervest aims for a healthy balance between work and personal life and offers sufficient flexibility at work, taking individual circumstances into consideration.
Since burning a candle at both ends shouldn’t be life's only feature, the necessary attention is also paid to social aspects of working together such as team building, incentives, etc., which also finds expression in the company’s social commitment (see below).

Corporate governance focus

Intervest attaches considerable importance to honesty, integrity and openness in its business dealings, both in the internal environment and externally in relations with the various stakeholders.
The corporate governance page describes in detail what has been arranged in this area.

Social welfare focus

At various points over the years, Intervest has demonstrated its social commitment  in a wide range of areas.

For several years now, To Walk Again, a foundation that collects funds for people with a physical disability to offer them post-rehabilitation and sports facilities, has been able to count on Intervest's support.

OP.RECHT.MECHELEN, the two-year long Mechelen city-wide festival in honour of the 400 years of the administration of justice at the Hof van Savoye, wants to translate the concepts of “law” and “justice” for the public in emotional terms by means of a rich programme of cultural events in all their diversity. Intervest supports this initiative by making vacant units available to the organisational body of the festival as storage spaces, rehearsal spaces, workshops, etc. and by brainstorming with the organisation about each of the specific questions or issues so that an efficient and pragmatic solution can be found to them.