Sustainable value creation, customer-focused with a motivated team

Intervest goes beyond investing in and merely letting square metres. Value creation in a sustainable way, with an eye for continuous quality improvement of the buildings for clients in two segments: offices and logistics, is the core of the strategy. By listening to clients' wishes, thinking along with them and thinking ahead, Intervest is able to 'unburden' its clients and offer added value. A motivated team provides comprehensive services and flexible solutions so that clients can focus on their core activities.

A concrete example is Intervest's turnkey-solutions approach: fully customised interior solutions for clients. The turnkey solutions team works out the optimal layout for office or logistics space, gives interior advice, coordinates the works and closely monitors the timing and budget. In addition to providing a pleasant and accessible work environment, providing the necessary supporting services in both the business and private sphere is an anchor point in the 'unburdening' of the customer. The wellbeing of the employees is the first priority!

A proactive customer-oriented service is reflected throughout the organisation. All critical functions required for the management of real estate customers and real estate are available in-house: rental, finance and administration, operational services and facility management. In order to achieve this Intervest wants to be a caring employer that offers employees a working environment in which they can fully develop themselves.


The strategy #connect2022 is based on four closely linked pillars: value creation, customer focus, sustainability and #TeamIntervest.

With #connect2022, Intervest has set out the lines for the coming years: realising a carefully thought out growth of 30% of the fair value of the real estate portfolio by the end of 2022, improving the quality of the real estate portfolio through asset rotation, realising the entire value chain from purchase (which can also include land purchase) to the delivery of the property with an in-house dedicated and motivated team and all this with an eye for sustainability with regard to both investment and financing.

These give rise to #connect2022: the creation of value for all stakeholders, the respect of sustainability in different areas and the support of powerful, customer-focused team are inextricably linked with each other. The close link between these pillars is also reflected in the realisation and in the objectives.

“What is important is not growing just for the sake of growing, but rather, asset rotation with a view to improving the risk pro­ le and the total quality of the real estate portfolio, whereby we keep the entire value chain in-house.”

Gunther Gielen, ceo Intervest Offices & Warehouses

Concrete objectives


Value creation

Value creation

Intervest is committed to creating value for its stakeholders by generating solid and recurring cash flows from a well-diversified real estate portfolio, with respect for sustainability, social aspects and good governance. With this, the company wants to extract agile advantage from the respective investment cycles and the underlying rental market in offices and logistics properties, the two segments of the real estate portfolio.


Concrete objectives by 2022:

  • 30% growth in fair value of the real estate portfolio
  • 10% growth in the EPRA earnings per share
  • Increase in average rental period: > 5 years
  • Prolong maturity period for debts




Intervest wants to pursue the highest standards of sustainability on both the investment and financing fronts. After all, Intervest employs a very broad vision regarding sustainability and is committed to building a long-term relationship with all of its stakeholders. For example, by communicating transparently with investors and by pursuing a reputation as a long-term share with a recurring return and a low risk profile.

Sustainability is also about the well-being of our own employees, our customers and their employees. Intervest, for example, does not just go for “quick wins” with regard to BREEAM. For new investments or developments, it will always start from the well-being of the user.


Intervest has set itself the following concrete objectives by 2022:

  • 100% of electricity consumption from renewable sources
  • 80% of the logistics properties equipped with photovoltaic installations
  • 80% of the real estate portfolio equipped with smart meters
  • 30% of the real estate portfolio has at least a ‘BREEAM Very Good’ score


Customer focus

Customer focus

To achieve this, customer focus is crucial both externally and internally. Intervest is a real estate partner that goes beyond just letting square metres of office space or logistics space, “beyond real estate”. In other words, listening to the needs of the customers, thinking along with them and thinking ahead in order to “unburden” them and to offer added value. This translates into an extensive service provision and flexible solutions and it demands the dedication of a strong and motivated team in which employees also work for and with each other in a customer-focused manner.


In concrete terms, Intervest is working on:

  • Improving customer loyalty by increasing the total number of years as tenant
  • Starting to measure the NPS (Net Promoter Score), an indication of satisfaction and loyalty


Team Intervest


Intervest wants to be a reliable employer that offers its employees a caring working environment in which they can develop their full potential. The values of the company (professional and entrepreneurial, passionate and enthusiastic, honest and respectful, together and in a team) and the company culture are an important guideline for integrating customer-focused thinking within the day-to-day operations. Covering the entire value chain from land acquisition to long term rental with our own knowledge and experience also means creating a working environment that facilitates the further development of a motivated and dedicated team of employees.

An environment where people trust each other, are proud of what they are doing and have fun together.


More specifically, Intervest is committed to:

  • Achieving sustainable motivation among its employees
  • Attracting and keeping a professional staff