Intervest is aiming for robust growth

Intervest is a high-quality, specialised player in both the office market and the logistics real estate segment. A unique combination on the Belgian market, with sufficient critical mass, which offers the advantage of a strong risk spread and which seeks attractive and long-term returns for shareholders.

In line with this strategy, Intervest announced a strong growth plan in March 2016. The company is looking to expand its real estate portfolio to approximately € 800 million over a period of 3 years, so that it represents approximately € 500 million in logistics real estate and approximately € 300 million in offices by the end of 2018.

In so doing, the strategic shift to a ratio of approximately 60% logistics real estate and 40% office buildings will remain a goal. There will be additional investments in logistics real estate at strategic locations and this will parallel the reorientation of the offices portfolio by investing in buildings that have a distinctive character attributable to their multi-functional, architectural, sustainable and qualitative properties.

As a real estate partner, Intervest goes beyond investing in and merely letting square metres. The company focuses on providing service and supplying flexible solutions so that its customers can focus on their core activities. Intervest can unburden its customers and offer them added value by listening to what they want, by thinking along with them and by thinking ahead.

A proactive customer-oriented service is reflected throughout the organisation. All critical functions required for the management of real estate customers and real estate are available in house: rental, finance and administration, operational services and facility management. A helpdesk is available to customers 24/7 for day-to-day real estate management.