RREC status

Intervest is a regulated real estate company (RREC) and as a public real estate company with a separate REIT status, is subject to strict legislation with a view to the protection of its shareholders and financiers. The status provides both financiers and private investors with the opportunity of gaining access in a balanced, cost-effective and fiscally transparent manner to a diversified property portfolio.

The regulated real estate companies RREC status is stipulated in the act of 12 May 2014 (the RREC-Act) and in the Royal Decree of 13 July 2014 (the RREC Royal Decree) in order to encourage public investments in real estate.


The identity card is a more detailed description of Intervest.

Regulated real estate company, BE-REIT and tax system elaborate on all legal aspects and provisions regarding this specific status. This section is closed with the coordinated articles of association.