Financial results

Key figures

For a detailed calculation of the key figures see the lexicon and APM terminology document.

Operational key figures30.06.202131.12.202031.12.201931.12.201831.12.2017
Fair value of investment properties (in millions €)1.0711.018893867663
Leasable space (in thousands m²)1.0461.0469461.023795
Yield on fair value available for lease* (%)6,8%6,9%7,2%7,4%7,3%
Yield on fair value available for lease including estimated rental value on vacancy* (%)7,2%7,4%7,7%7,9%8,4%
Average duration of lease agreements (up to first expiry date) (year)3,64,04,34,63,9
Occupancy rate entire portfolio (%)94%93%93%93%91%
Occupancy rate office portfolio (%)87%88%90%88%85%
Occupancy rate logistics portfolio (%)100%96%96%98%98%
Office to logistics real estate ratio36/6437/6339/6140/6046/54


* Yield is calculated as the ratio of contractual rents (whether or not increased by the estimated rental value of unoccupied rental premises) and the fair value of investment properties.

Financial results - Group share30.06.202130.06.2020 2020201920182017
EPRA earnings (000 €)21.27518.857 40.35546.82031.16827.430
Result on disposals of investment properties0-16 1.6705.36400
Changes in fair value of investment properties32.5171.677 15.45422.3077.033-7.274
Other result on portfolio-5.019-1.988 -9.083-5.661-2.472-89
Changes in fair value of financial assets and liabilities843-2.172 -2.311-3.065-1.6151.119
Minority interests regarding the above-4240 -2.654000
Net result - Group Share (000 €)49.19216.358 43.43165.76534.11421.186
Weighted average number of shares25.659.83524.823.883 25.164.12624.516.85819.176.98117.409.850
Net result per share (€)1,920,66 1,732,681,781,22
EPRA earnings per share (€)0,830,76 1,601,911,631,58
Gross dividend per share (€)-- 1,531,531,401,40
Balance sheet data30.06.202131.12.202031.12.201931.12.201831.12.2017
Shareholders’ equity (000 €)580.925554.414524.433477.208359.366
Liabilities (000 €)531.606493.579394.430409.956320.052
Debt ratio (%)43%43%39%43,50%44,60%
Number of shares at the end of the period26.300.90825.500.67224.657.00324.288.99718.405.624
Net value (fair value) per share (€)21,8021,4621,2519,6219,52
Share price (€)22,8522,5525,6020,6022,49
Premium (+) / discount (-) to net value (fair Value) (%)5%5%20%5%15%