Historical data of the Intervest share
Number of shares31.12.202031.12.201931.12.201831.12.201731.12.2016
Number of shares at the end of the period25.500.67224.657.00324.288.99718.405.62416.784.521
Number of shares entitled to dividend25.500.67224.657.00324.288.99717.740.40716.784.521
Free float (%)80%85%85%83%82%
Stock market data31.12.202031.12.201931.12.201831.12.201731.12.2016
Highest closing share price (€)29,1528,4022,9624,2725,99
Lowest closing share price (€)16,9020,6019,7421,8622,57
Share price on closing date (€)22,5525,6020,6022,4923,90
Premium with regard to fair value  (%)5%20%5%15%23%
Average share price (€)23,0324,9321,6922,8524,23
Number of shares traded per year7.476.5076.960.1474.595.9382.898.6004.675.888
Average number of shares traded per day29.09127.29518.09411.32318.194
Speed of share turnover (%)29,3%28,2%19,0%15,7%27,9%
Key figures per share31.12.202031.12.201931.12.201831.12.201731.12.2016
Net value (fair value)*(€)21,4621,2519,6219,5219,43
Net asset value EPRA (€)22,4221,7919,8819,6219,60
Market capitalisation (million €)575631500414401
Pay-out ratio (%)95%80%86%91%81%
Gross dividend (€)1,53**1,531,401,401,40
Percentage withholding tax (%)30%30%30%30%30%
Net dividend (€)1,07101,07100,98000,98000,9800
Gross dividend yield (%)6,8%6,0%6,8%6,2%5,9%
Net dividend yield (%)4,7%4,2%4,8%4,3%4,1%


* The net value (fair value) corresponds to the net value as defined in article 2, 23° of the RREC Act.

**Subject to approval by the annual general meeting to be held in 2021.