Greenhouse Flex Berchem, phase 2: Serviced Offices

Greenhouse Antwerp
Uitbreidingstraat 66
2600 Berchem
330 m²
April 2017

Project description

In 2016, a second Greenhouse Flex was opened in Greenhouse Antwerp, with a co-working environment on the ground floor and a wide selection of meeting rooms on the first floor. Here, too, Greenhouse Flex targets both small, fledgling companies and large companies that need meeting rooms or workplaces in Antwerp for temporary projects.

As of April 2017, an additional expansion led to the realisation of individual office spaces (serviced offices) that can be leased flexibly.

Greenhouse Flex is a fine example of Intervest’s turn-key solutions approach. Each Greenhouse Flex has been fully planned in detail and designed internally. A partnership with Steelcase was set up to provide the furniture. Steelcase is one of the largest manufacturers of office furniture worldwide.

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