BE-REIT Association

In January of 2016, the “BE-REIT Association” was established.

This professional association was established based on the impetus of the Belgian regulated real estate companies (RREC), in this way seeking to both safeguard and promote the interests of the Belgian REIT sector in its stakeholder relations.

This sector is represented by 17 listed operational real estate companies. Intervest is also a member of the BE-REIT Association.

Background and purpose

The BE-REIT Association is a professional association established in the form of a non-profit organisation under Belgian law and consists of all companies that are recognised as regulated real estate companies (RREC), also known as BE-REIT. This association is interested in providing a platform for initiatives from the BE-REIT sector and to support them as well; this includes, for example, the safeguarding and promotion of interests, the accumulation of expertise and relevant sectoral information and training. The association seeks to partner in its endeavours with the relevant public bodies, professional interest groups and other stakeholders in the real estate sector, at local, regional, federal and international levels.

Members of the BE-REIT Association

The Belgian REIT sector is represented by 17 listed operational real estate companies. Based on customer needs, these companies provide their public and private tenants with comprehensive real estate solutions, including supplementary services (new builds, renovation, facility and property management). Their direct and indirect shareholding primarily consists of Belgian private investors, as well as Belgian and international institutional investors who are looking for a defensive investment with relatively stable returns.

For more information, visit the BE-REIT Association  website.