EPRA gold, again

Nice to know

The Intervest 2017 Annual Report received the EPRA BPR GOLD AWARD for the fourth time running at the EPRA conference in London.

EPRA is the European Public Real Estate Association, and it issues recommendations to increase the transparency and consistency of financial reporting, the so-called BPR Best Practices Recommendations. An increasing number of real estate companies choose for reporting based on this guidelines. For the past year, EPRA reviewed in collaboration with Deloitte approximately 155 annual reports from listed real estate companies (compared to 120 previous year) across Europe, and it granted an award to 121 companies, of which 76 Gold awards.

The fourth consecutive Gold award for the 2017 Annual Report is an acknowledgement of the continuous effort that Intervest makes to ensure consistent and transparent financial reporting whereby the BPR guidelines are respected.

The following of the EPRA BPR guidelines offers the stakeholders in the real estate sector transparency and a framework for comparability and is very much appreciated by the sector as it appears from the complete report regarding the EPRA Awards.