Interim statement third quarter 2022

Press releases

9M 2022

  • EPRA earnings per share: € 1,34 for 9M 2022, an increase of 3% or € 0,04 year-on-year
  • ESG in 9M 2022: KPI’s on track or already achieved in line with #connect2022-strategy, ESG-roadmap drawn up and Green Finance Framework implemented
  • Future value creation: 400.000 m² of (potential) projects, mainly in the logistics segment, with a real estate value of approximately € 480 million, of which € 200 million invested already
  • Share price: Intervest share performs significantly better than EPRA Eurozone index, despite turbulent and volatile stock market climate
  • Successful #connect2022-strategy proves its power:
    • Solid basis through presence in two real estate segments (logistics real estate 74%; offices 26%) and sectoral spread of a qualitative tenant base
    • Over € 155 million sustainable logistics acquisitions: € 92 million in logistic acquisitions creating clusters on strategic (maritime) axes and € 63 million sustainable project developments
    • Start-up of the sale of non-strategic properties (mainly offices) as part of a well-considered asset rotation process
    • Standard lease contract with indexation clause linked to the health index
    • Sufficient liquidity buffer due to €138 million unused credit lines; 63% of debt is hedged against rising interest rates in the long term (average 5 years)
  • Confidently looking forward, despite current turbulent macroeconomic and geopolitical situations:
    • Normal and stable tenant payment patterns, long-term leases, significant leasing transactions and low vacancy rates provide reliable, recurring and growing income streams
    • Risk management profile as RREC: continuous monitoring of market risks, operational, financial, compliance and ESG risks in order to monitor results and financial situation


  • Expected EPRA earnings per share for 2022: € 1,70 - € 1,72

Confirmation of target gross dividend 2022 of at least € 1,53 per share which means a gross dividend yield of 6,6% based on the closing price of the share as at 30 September 2022.

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