Sustainable business and corporate social responsibility

A strong sustainability policy will evolve more and more from a nice-to-have to an absolute must-have. That is why Intervest wants to play a pioneering role with sustainability as an essential part of its DNA. For Intervest, sustainability also means the long term well-being of its own team, the tenants and their employees. The ultimate goal is to create value for all of its stakeholders in a sustainable and future-proof manner that is laid down by a sustainability strategy and sustainability objectives.

Sustainability is part of Intervest’s DNA. Whereby we also mean the long-term well-being of team Intervest, our clients and, by extension, of the employees of our tenants.

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Sustainability reporting

Sustainability strategy

Intervest is continuously reviewing the degree to which its investment and management processes are aligned with the following international normative standards:

  1. The 17 United Nations sustainable development goals (SDGs)
  2. The 10 United Nations Global Compact Principles
  3. The 7 United Nations Women’s Empowerment Principles
  4. The European Public Real Estate sustainable Best Practices Recommendations (EPRA sBPR)
  5. The EU Taxonomy Regulation

Improving the ESG performance is an integral part of the long-term value creation strategy and embedded in the DNA of Intervest.

The goal is to create healthy and inspiring environments and making work places inclusive anchors with a focus on health and well-being of tenants and employees.

Intervest has endorsed the UN 17 SDGs translating them into its daily operations since 2018. In collaboration with Voka it has realized at least 10 SDGs yearly in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 and received the Voka Charter 'Duurzaam Ondernemen' for each of these years. In addition, as every SDG has been realized at least once over the 3 year period, Intervest has obtained the internationally recognized UNITAR SDG Pioneer certificate in October 2021.


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Over the years Intervest selected five major SDGs for its sustainability strategy.

These are the SDG’s for which Intervest believes it can make the greatest positive contribution in the long term, while restricting its negative impact as much as possible.


  • SDG 2021
  • SDG 2021


The analysis of sustainability domains in which Intervest can have a maximum impact combined with the dialogue with its stakeholders resulted in three major spearheads.

Future-proof buildings / Energy efficiency

Real estate is responsible for 36% of the total CO2 emissions in the European Union. A real estate player, can and should make a significant contribution to mitigating climate change and its impact. Energy efficiency is a logical point of attention in the professional management of real estate, both in the purchase of new and old buildings, in the development of new projects and in the management of the existing portfolio.

Intervest includes the LCE (Life Cycle Energy) in its development programs, in its redevelopment schemes and in the development of new projects. For the entire portfolio, a sustainability building assessment per asset is analysed on a recurring basis.

Health & well-being 

Intervest believes employees are best placed to contribute to the success of the company if they feel happy, healthy, and engaged. Many factors play a role in creating an optimal balance. As an employer Intervest wants to actively create a positive and productive place to work and provide employees with the means to promote a healthy mental, physical, and emotional lifestyle.

There are four categories where Intervest believes it can help its employees improve their health & well-being:

  • in the physical space of the office
  • by stimulating and facilitating habits pertaining to physical health
  • by helping people find the right work-life balance and
  • by equipping them with the skills and competencies they need to be at their best.

Intervest has a transparent structure and communicates openly with its employees. Participation in the organisation of the work, innovative projects, secondary benefits, extensive training opportunities and a detailed well-being policy are therefore essential.

All of it while keeping an eye answering (local) community needs. 

Business integrity and compliance 

Corporate governance is an instrument for dealing in a balanced way with the diversity of interests of different stakeholders. In that sense, it should primarily focus on mitigating and properly handling conflicts of interest inherent in working in a corporate structure. Clear conflict of interest arrangements and transparent communication with stakeholders are therefore essential to ensure that the company's resources are used in the best interests of its stakeholders. In this way, good governance creates added value and sustainable growth.


  • Genk Green Logistics
  • Greenhouse BXL

2030 Key sustainability commitments

In 2022 the ESG charter with specific objectives such as reducing CO2 emissions was drawn up. It aims to integrate sustainability into all company activities and to ensure continuous optimisation of sustainable entrepreneurship within Intervest and with regard to external stakeholders. The long term aim is to have the portfolio perform in line with the major global sustainability targets.

The roadmap to 2030, therefore wants to keep the focus on the three spearheads resulting out of the dialogue with the stakeholders and the materiality index.

E: Future-proof buildings / Energy-efficiency

  • Decrease embodied and operational carbon (CO2 emission)
  • More Green buildings
  • Expansion of Building Management Systems
  • Monitoring Life cycle Carbon Emission (LCE) for relevant project
  • Expansion installation of charging stations for electric vehicles
  • Increase green financing

S: Health & well-being employees / customers

  • Investing in training and professional qualifications
  • Providing a healthy and safe working environment

G: Business integrity and compliance / ethics

  • Continued focus on corporate governance
  • Continued implementation of code of conduct
  • Whistle-blowing policy


  • Charging points
  • Solar panels


As a general guideline, Intervest opts for the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for its sustainability strategy and the selection of spearheads. That does not mean that there is no room for other objectives. Quite the contrary. Intervest works together with Voka to ensure that all 17 SDGs are addressed.