EPRA Key figures

For a detailed calculation of the key figures see the lexicon and APM terminology document.

EPRA earnings (in € per share) (Group share)0,761,031,911,631,581,75
EPRA NAV (in € per share)21,0620,0421,7919,8819,6219,60
EPRA NNNAV (in € per share)20,2519,4221,1419,4919,2819,08
EPRA NRV (€ per share)22,4621,2723,01n/an/an/a
EPRA NTA (€ per share)21,0419,9921,77n/an/an/a
EPRA NDV (€ per share)20,2519,4221,14n/an/an/a
EPRA Net Initial Yield (NIY) (%)5,9%5,8%5,9%6,2%6,0%6,4%
EPRA Topped-up NIY (%)6,1%6,2%6,1%6,4%6,2%6,6%
EPRA Vacancy rate (%)8,0%9,2%6,8%6,7%13,8%9,4%
EPRA cost ratio (including direct vacancy costs) (%)22,4%15,9%15,5%17,4%20,6%16,8%
EPRA cost ratio (excluding direct vacancy costs) (%)21,1%14,9%14,5%16,2%19,1%15,8%