Capital and number of shares

The total share capital of Intervest amounts to € 266.402.236,24 and is represented by 29.235.067 fully paid-up ordinary shares with no statement of nominal value. There are no preference shares.

Shareholder structure

The shareholder structure below is identified based on the transparency notifications received.

NameNumber of shares (declared) on date of notificationDate transparency notification(%)
FPIM/SFPI (inclusief Belfius Groep) Louizalaan 32-46A, 1050 Brussel2.439.89020.08.20198,35% ¹
Federale Participatie- en Investeringsmaatschappij nv/Société Fédérale de Participations et d’Investissement S.A. (FPIM/SFPI) (moederonderneming van Belfius Bank nv)0  
Belfius Verzekeringen nv2.382.330  
Belfius Bank nv0  
Corona nv29.254  
Auxipar nv28.306  
Allianz Koenigingstrasse 28 - 80802 München, Duitsland1.563.60304.04.20195,35% ¹
Allianz SE0  
Allianz Benelux S.A.1.563.603  
Patronale Group nv Belliardstraat 3, 1040 Brussel1.251.11212.03.20204,28% ¹
Number of shares (declared) G15:I16309  
Patronale Life nv1.250.803  
Degroof Petercam Asset Management S.A. Guimardstraat 18, 1040 Brussel 773.48019.03.20192,64% ¹
BlackRock 55 East 52nd Street - New York, NY 10055, U.S.A.493.74230.06.20151,69% ¹
BlackRock Asset Management Canada Ltd7.643  
BlackRock Asset Management Ireland Ltds239.651  
BlackRock Asset Management North Asia Ltd321  
BlackRock Fund Advisors134.143  
BlackRock Fund Managers Ltd10.513  
BlackRock Institutional Trust Company, National Association96.868  
BlackRock International Ltd4.603  
Andere aandeelhouders onder de statutaire drempel22.713.240 77,69%
TOTAAL29.235.067 100%

[1] Number of shares based on transparency notifications received up to 31 December 2022.The percentage is determined under the assumption that the number of shares has not changed since the most recent declaration of transparency and taking into account the total number of outstanding shares in Intervest.

Transparency notifications

Each of the shares grants one voting right at the general meeting and these shares are therefore used as the basis for notification purposes within the framework of the transparency regulations (i.e., notifications in the event the statutory or legal thresholds are reached, exceeded or not reached).

In addition to the legal notification thresholds of 5% and for each multiple of this 5%, Intervest’s articles of association stipulate an additional statutory threshold of 3% in application of article 18, §1 of the Act of 2 May 2007.

Any exceed of or failure to reach these thresholds must reported to Intervest and FSMA.

Transparency notifications should be reported to


Received in the year: