Intervest has installed surveillance cameras in its buildings for the purpose of ensuring security and safety of its customers, visitors and employees, preventing crimes and detecting unauthorized access or threats to the safety of the building.

The cameras are aimed to give a general overview of what's happening in certain places, but the purpose is not to recognise people unless a security or data protection incident is involved.

The cameras are installed at the building entrances, at the parking entrance and parking lots and inside the buildings and are placed and focused in a way that only people who enter the building or car parks are filmed. No audio (sound or voices) is recorded.

The processing of personal data via camera surveillance takes place in accordance with the Belgian Camera Act of March 21, 2007 regulating installing and using surveillance cameras and all other applicable privacy and data protection legislation.

The legal basis for processing is the legitimate interest of Intervest to ensure the safety of its buildings and people. The use of cameras is clearly indicated by the legally required pictograms with the contact information from Intervest.

Camera images are kept for a maximum of 1 month, except if the images must be used as evidence in the context of an investigation or for the establishment, exercise or substantiation of a legal claim.

Access to the images is limited to authorized persons at Intervest and password protected. Images can only be transferred via the police.

For further questions about our camera surveillance, contact us via mail: